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Greenstalk Garden System UPDATE

This is a real nice way to grow vegetables, berries and herbs in a small area. Perfect for small backyard and patios.

Greenstalk Stackable Garden System Review

Here’s an innovative way to garden that won’t break your back. No stooping and bending with the Greenstalk Garden System !

A Simple Emergency Power Station

Well, here it is… Tornado and Hurricane season. Depending on where you live that may not mean a whole lot, but to some of us (I live in a place known as “hurricane alley”) every time a storm brews, it’s always in the back of our minds. People in the northeast probably didn’t think about […]

Greenhouses Built Using My Design

I am thrilled that so many have built greenhouses (and other structures, as you’ll see below) using my design. I guess it confirms to me that it is as easy and affordable, as I always thought it was. Sweet! Many have sent in pictures of their new greenhouses. It makes me feel like a proud […]