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2016 Back To Eden Gardening ~ Corn Update 2

Check out the Update on my Sweet Corn. I planted this in my Back To Eden Garden and so far, it’s looking good.


Perfect for Father’s Day, here’s a song I wrote about the memories of raising my children. I think it will bring those days flooding back to you. I call it “Pages”.

Greenstalk Garden System UPDATE

This is a real nice way to grow vegetables, berries and herbs in a small area. Perfect for small backyard and patios.

Greenstalk Stackable Garden System Review

Here’s an innovative way to garden that won’t break your back. No stooping and bending with the Greenstalk Garden System !

A Simple Emergency Power Station

Well, here it is… Tornado and Hurricane season. Depending on where you live that may not mean a whole lot, but to some of us (I live in a place known as “hurricane alley”) every time a storm brews, it’s always in the back of our minds. People in the northeast probably didn’t think about […]

Greenhouses Built Using My Design

I am thrilled that so many have built greenhouses (and other structures, as you’ll see below) using my design. I guess it confirms to me that it is as easy and affordable, as I always thought it was. Sweet! Many have sent in pictures of their new greenhouses. It makes me feel like a proud […]

Greenhouse Misting System

If you are going to build the Greenhouse I’ve designed, you might want to consider installing a misting system to water your bedding plants and seedlings like the pros do. If you go into most nursery greenhouses, you will find misters hanging down watering the plants with a gentle mist. If it’s good enough for […]


IMPORTANT… IF YOU ARE HERE FOR THE GREENHOUSE PDF FILE So many have asked for them, I’ve had to automate the process. As you can imagine, having to copy and paste dozens of names and email addresses was a pain. So, instead of leaving a comment, you must click on the Signup Form. I appreciate […]

Seed Starting Basics

Well, here we are again. It’s time to start thinking about the spring garden. And… if we’re going to have anything to put in the ground, we’ve got to get the seeds started now. Which ones? Well of course, it depends on where you live. If you are in the southern part of the U.S. […]

Starting With Fruit Trees

Where do I start  with my homestead? What do I put in place first? Good questions. Quick answer… It depends. You may be starting your homestead from scratch, or perhaps you bought a piece of property that already had some improvements made to it. Obviously, any improvements on your land is a head start for […]