Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Dangers Of Burning A Brush Pile Part 3

This is the 3rd Brush Pile I’ve burned this year. I burned it over a month ago. I thought it would surely be out by now. I was wrong… Be careful when you burn brush !

2016 Back To Eden Gardening ~ Corn Update 2

Check out the Update on my Sweet Corn. I planted this in my Back To Eden Garden and so far, it’s looking good.


Perfect for Father’s Day, here’s a song I wrote about the memories of raising my children. I think it will bring those days flooding back to you. I call it “Pages”.

Greenstalk Garden System UPDATE

This is a real nice way to grow vegetables, berries and herbs in a small area. Perfect for small backyard and patios.

Greenstalk Stackable Garden System Review

Here’s an innovative way to garden that won’t break your back. No stooping and bending with the Greenstalk Garden System !